Thoughts From 1 Timothy 6:15-16

When reading through the sixth chapter of 1 Timothy 6, verses 15-16 may seem like a bit of a tangent. The Apostle Paul is giving instructions to his disciple, Timothy. In the midst of one of these instructions, he begins describing the majesty and glory of God. But this doxology is not random, it isContinue reading “Thoughts From 1 Timothy 6:15-16”

Sovereign + Good = Trustworthy

“God has everything under control. Nothing escapes His hand. God is sovereign over all!” These are statements that many are familiar with hearing right now during our current crisis. Although we would never deny this truth, in the quietness of our hearts we often ask, “How does this help me right now?” This is aContinue reading “Sovereign + Good = Trustworthy”

How Should I Respond to a Global Pandemic?

I remember a conversation that I had a few months ago about “some virus” that was going around China. At that time, it was barely even a thought. Four months later, it’s a global pandemic. Much uncertainty and confusion exists in the minds and hearts of everyone around us. Many here in South Africa areContinue reading “How Should I Respond to a Global Pandemic?”